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In the heart of Venice, Riva del Vin 731, easily reachabley by foot or public transport.

Terrazza Sommariva restaurant is in Rialto, the most ancient area of Venice, which goes back to the V century A.D., the name derives by Latin “Rivus Altus” which means deep canal, referring to the Grand Canal. The restaurant is at 731 Riva del Vin, where since the XIX century ships carrying wine would use the bank to load and offload.

From our tables admire the majestic Rialto Bridge on the left and, just behind it, the recently restored Fontego dei Tedeschi from the 1500’s. In front and on the right, there are the beautiful facades of the Palazzo Manin, Ca’ Farsetti, where today the Council of Venice sits, and the Palazzo Grimani.

From Piazza le Roma and the train station, following the path of Frari – San Polo – Mercato di Rialto, it is possible to reach the restaurant by foot. From St Mark’s square Ssquare it takes 5 minutes walking or 10 minutes by boat alighting at Rialto stop.